Welcome to SweetLime Restaurant and Bar

Already renowned for it's location on Ariapita Avenue, Woodbrook,  SweetLime Restaurant has now expanded to include La Romain, San Fernando (South Trinidad) as well as to Port Zante St. Kitts, thereby giving residents a taste of the good life.
Bask in the ambience with scenic open-air views of inner city life and enhance your dining experience in a way that only Sweet Lime Restaurant can. Delight and tantalize your palate by dining on the succulent seafood as well as recent additions made to the menus by our expert Chefs and leave your taste buds hungering for more.
We cater to fulfill the needs of our clientele with the best of both local and international cuisine. The staff at Sweet Lime Restaurants is committed to providing excellent Customer Service with prompt service, swift seating and minimal lag times. Your Sweetlime experience is truly a lasting one.
Whether you choose to dine alone or with friends and family, Sweetlime Restaurants is truly The Premier Dining Experience